The Monsters from my Nightmares pt. 1



My name is Rickman Naratov. I am the narrator of this series, I know the name suits the title. I smoke, drink, ponder and think, but fore most I am a monster from my masters mind. He tells me what to say, how to feel, and who to pray to, but more on that later. I’m here to introduce myself and to explain about the monsters you will see. For it is my lone duty to my master to unlock the doors to his nightmares and release the beasts that haunt him. I am one of these beasts, but i realized long ago that i can not exist without masters kind words. His flesh may be succulent but i withstand the temptations. Without the kind words of my master i can not exist and that is something that i do not wish. It’s not like I will starve or anything, master provides many of delicious victims for me. I feed on the masters fears, nightmares and the monsters he creates. Sometimes the dreams he has aren’t nightmares, but the creatures that come from these dreams are especially tasty. I always prefer the non nightmare creatures, but some nights you have to eat what the master creates (the weak monsters aren’t as tasty but they do the trick). But there is something about crushing the bones of the innocent between your tentacles that makes you feel a sense of warmth, maybe it’s the blood splurting out as the flesh rips or the squeals that they make when they, oh goodness, look at me, salivating over my dinner when i should be telling you about the monsters. Sorry about that, master has told me that i am to keep record of the monsters that he creates, he said i can eat as many weak monsters as I want but must leave the other creatures alone (sometimes i can’t fight the urges, but what master doesn’t know, won’t hurt right?). My purpose is to make sure that no monsters escape or hurt innocent people, some monsters have tried but all have met a delicious end. Oh is it that time already? my master is about to wake, I must bid thee goodnight, but i shall return with my report to master of the Monsters from his Nightmares.

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