Take shelter here!

Hello, how did you stumble into this dark place? Who are you? Well, no matter, listen to me for a moment so that I may help you.

Who am I? That is not important. What is important is that you stay here with me for just a little bit to take shelter from this horrid place. Monsters lurk here, looking for victims who are unfortunate enough to find their way here. It is quite unfortunate but I will attempt to keep you safe. Try not to stay too late however, or you may become like me. Lost to this place and bound to it like a dark sick chain.

I have been here for…. quite some time. Time? You’ll find that it is irrelevant here. I have seen things, experienced horrors that you cannot possibly imagine. Too long did I try to make sense of this place, now I just go with it. But there lies a problem, to accept our surroundings is to become comfortable with it and in doing so, we let it in. Into our hearts, our mind, our soul. Once it gets hold of you there is no escape.

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