Stand by for Titanfall!

What can I say about this game that you probably don’t already know? Probably nothing so I’m just going to reiterate just how awesome it is. As a long time console shooter player, I’ve just about had my fill of walking down the same digital spaces firing bullets at the first thing that lights your reticule up red. Titanfall spices up the shooter cocktail without altering the base, if it isn’t broke why fix it? If anything the shooter space was getting stale for me and Titanfall was just the breath of fresh air I needed. The sense of mobility in Titanfall is like nothing I’ve ever experienced in a game before. The game feels near perfectly balanced – jumping across rooftops and vaulting over titans flows seamlessly with some Titan on Titan fisticuffs. Even as I type this Titanfall calls to me from my TV stand, beckoning me back with its giant robot splendors. But alas, a few more words.

Respawn Entertainment made mention of the integrated campaign/multiplayer experience they were crafting, and promptly went radio silent on the matter, leaving me to wonder what they could do with such a bold idea. After having completed both the IMC and subsequent replay form the perspective of the Militia I can say that the campaign did not quite live up to my expectations. I feel the story suffers from some cliché and rather dryly delivered dialogue; some of the things they say will make anyone’s eyes roll. The world also doesn’t seem to give a damn that you’re in it and as the player I can’t help but feel a bit offended. Regardless of the results of the match, or if the fates have chosen you to be an IMC or Militia pilot, you’re actions carry no weight on the events. The campaign boils down to a radio play laid over a multiplayer match with some vignettes stitching them together (though I did particularly enjoy the opening to the of the IMC crashing down on the battle of Demeter, Halo inspired?).

Despite my criticisms, Titanfall is a fantastic game and a great look into the future of the next generation of games. The one thing I would say needs to change for the sequel is the campaign. Why not make a branching storyline? It would have been incredible to fight through the rise of the militia, only to have victory torn from my fingers by a defeat at some critical junction and then on a subsequent playthrough achieve victory. As the first video game title to be reviewed by Grim Pixel Studios, I am pleased to give Titanfall an 8.5 out of 10.

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