New Images for Upcoming Projects

First we have Smokie. He’s a lil shy but you know that’s ok. He wears a mask to keep his teeth in a mouth-like shape because if he were to take the mask off, his teeth would point straight up giving him the crown of death (only his race possess such unconscious summoning). The crown allows smokie to pass between timelines. Not really sure what color he should be but I’ll figure it out somehow.



Let us greet Jeffs properly. Hello Jeffs, … , … , ok? then I guess I will just have to talk on Jeffs behalf. Jeffs is a recovering project, he once was a light bulb but then got over it. He now will look upon the space desert oasis of TryCry and blast his way through zombies (both alien and human alike), parasitic entities, and EVEN! the Intergalactic Marshals.


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