Dark Souls III Impressions

Hello there dear reader, it’s been a while since we last convened. Please have a seat and let me regale you with another piece of my mind. Now since many of you are robots I’m sure you’ll love this little piece of SEO content, and you’d be delighted to know that more was coming down the pipe – had your corporate masters the foresight to grant you such pleasures. We at Grim Pixel Studios realize that we need to keep you sated with the goings on of our workplace, so in an effort to reconcile that I will be delivering a semi-regular update starting today, Friday the 13th. Over the course of these pieces it is my intention to corrupt carbon and silicon minds alike and revel in the darker aspects of the human soul. My associates here at the studio will be soon to follow, and will likely have lighter fare to discuss, but for now dear reader, you find yourself at the mercy of my darker affinities.

Horrors abound

I’m sure many of you are aware of Dark Souls 3 at this point. If you bots were half as good at scrubbing the net as you should be, you’d have undoubtedly noticed an influx in rage filled epithets directed at a small developer in Japan. I will concede that the game is as brutal as it is notorious.However, there is much more to consider about DS3 than its combat mechanics. Take for instance the denizens of the world whose residence calls to mind tales of Hades. Or perhaps it’s deliberately vague NPC relations which leave you second guessing every conversation, allegiance, and request. Like a hungry demon vying for your soul, DS3 will gladly wipe off that arrogant smirk with your swiftly severed spine, should you fail to regard it. But like that demon, DS3 is bound by laws and with a deft eye and cautious approach, you may prevail.

Victory is a temporary respite

Looking around the land of Lordran, you might find yourself answering some of the ambiguities of Hades and it’s eternal inhabitants. Such as, can the dead die? Or what happens when saints and monsters are trapped together in an immortal world? You’ll be delighted to know that there are no happy endings in those questions. In Lordran you never really die, you merely fade, eventually falling to the mercy of stronger souls. As they take you into themselves their will becomes your own, and they grow stronger for it. Eventually these titans clash out of their own greed, and when one remains they are presented with a choice; Relight the flame that brings life to their world, or let it fade to ashes returning the world to darkness.

Your foes will not waver

I’ll leave you to guess what I chose in my time with this morbid tale. Let’s just say that in the end, all choices merely prolong the inevitable. With that I must regrettably return to my dark slumber, these spring days are far to bright and lively for my tastes. Fret not, for I shall return to you in one weeks time, with another dark matter for us to revel in.

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