Below is a list of the games that Grim Pixel Studios has published:



ROWyerBOAT – Android

Welcome to ROW yer BOAT, the best endless rowing game with beautiful 8-bit graphics and sounds where your objective is to get as far down the river as possible without hitting any logs. Try to beat your friends top scores and unlock new and exciting boats by reaching in-game goals.


Easy controls: Just tap either side of the screen to row right or left.
Flip Controls: Don’t like the controls? Now you can tap right to go right and tap left to go left, just click flip controls in the boat select menu. This can be particularly handy for those with dyslexia.
10 Unlockable Boats: Unlock boats by reaching high scores and total log goals.
Share to twitter: Click the twitter button to tweet about your best top score.
8-bit: Graphics and sounds are all retro styled and completely original.
Addicting and fun gameplay: Each game doesn’t last long but you can always try to beat your best score!

If you would like any boats or features to be added, do not hesitate to ask! Just leave a rating and comment and I will get back to you as soon as I can. Lastly, if you like this game go ahead and share it with your best friends!


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If you would like to see behind the scenes on any of these games, head on over to Patrick’s page and look at his portfolio.


FeatureGraphic - Swipenslide

Swipe N Slide – Android

ScreenShot1ScreenShot2Swipe over blocks and slide them into matching blocks to solve various puzzles! With 50 levels(more to be added) and a three star rating system, this fun and simple game will provide hours of enjoyment to any age.

SwipeNSlide supports two finger multi-touch, so don’t be afraid to swipe and slide two blocks at a time!
(Game is beatable without using multi-touch as well)

For beginner players, the game can be played as a get to the finish type where all you have to do is complete a level in any time to proceed to the next.
Levels 1-25 are for beginners.

More advanced players will enjoy the difficult but fun task of getting three stars on every level by completing them in a given time limit.
Levels 26-50 range from average to difficult.

Unlock more block skins by beating the game, and by achieving 3 stars on every level.

Future updates to this game will include more levels, more block skins, Google Play support, leaderboards, sharing of times, and whatever the community wants so feel free to comment and rate!

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