E3 2015 Highlights

It’s that time of year again, the time where games rain down from the skies like a thunderous summer storm. Since it’s been a while since my last post I will render to you, our patient patrons, my thoughts on this years E3. At some point every conference had the acknowledgement that last year was terrible followed by the publishers making it clear that they don’t want it to happen again. Every press conference was so peppered with phrases like “we value your feedback”, “we’re listening”, and “Reddit!!!” that I’m sure no one missed it. As an avid gamer that is a great thing to hear. While networking troubles will likely always be present in some way, it looks like studios would rather delay a game now than summon the fury of vocal portions of the internet, which to rehash the recently too relevant Miyamoto quote “A delayed game is eventually good, but a rushed game is forever bad”.

But enough about all that, lets look to the future, and nothing says future more now than Virtual Reality. I long for the day where I can just plug in and be transported to another world, one so rich and real that I begin to question reality itself. While I don’t think we’re that close to having an existential crisis on whether the universe is a hologram, I do think we’re moving in the right direction. Microsoft’s Hololens looked amazing on stage, and although what was shown wasn’t coming from the headset, I’m hopeful that it’s close enough and cant help but imagine how it will improve if it got the same consumer attention that transformed the cell phone into the smart phone. Microsoft brokered several deals with the big names in VR (Oculus and Valve) couple that with the companies aggressive push for windows 10 and you have the recipe for a broad VR platform, with hopefully widespread consumer adoption. The last VR headliner that I wanted to bring up is Sony’s Project Morpheus. Morpheus might be the most successful if only because it’s the most accessible. If current rumors are to be believed and the Morpheus launches at $300, the requirements for Sony’s headset leave it’s total cost to a newcomer at around $700, where as the minimum requirements for the Oculus Rift and a PC capable of using it to its full potential would cost you around “$1,500”, as stated by Oculus CEO Brendan Iribe. Now lets move on to the games.

Fallout 4


Dishonored 2

Halo 5

Gears 4


Mass Effect Andromeda

For Honor

Assassin’s Creed Syndicate

Just Cause 3

Horizon: Zero Dawn


Uncharted 4

The Last Guardian

Final Fantasy 7 Remake

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