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Here is a more in depth look at the games that I have produced over the years as well as some in-depth discussion about code and game mechanics.

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Game: Sacrifice

Platform: Web (HTML5)

Software: Unity 3D, Maya, Photoshop, Audacity

Link: Play in Browser


Sacrifice was an game that I made for MSU’s Tc445 Game Design class in three weeks. The main requirements of this project was that it be first person, include a volcano, and have some sort of story with audio and progressions. I took these requirements and decided to centralize my game around them instead of just throwing them in. Thus Sacrifice was born!


I wanted players of my game to instantly get the “feel” of the game through my title screen so I decided to place them at the mouth of the volcano with fire and smoke billowing behind the menu. I also wanted to add a touch of mystery with the discarded lantern to make players intrigued and perhaps a bit uneasy. This is a horror adventure game after all!


After clicking start, the players were presented with the games main screen (shown above). I provided as many visual clues as possible into this first glimpse of the game, the volcano is in the background (the games main goal is to reach the volcano), there is ambient water and tribal drums playing softly in the background, and there is a shed presented right in the foreground. This leads players to find the items that they will need in the game.


Surrounded by a white outline (using a modified provided shader) these objects immediately grab the player’s attention and are vital to their survival. The lantern is the only thing standing between the player and darkness, which in this game means death. The players are guided by signs that tell them the rules of the game while keeping the immersion of being on some strange island where light is life.


Life(light) VS Death (darkness)


If the player happens to wander out of the torch light and their lantern runs out, then they will be chased by the unnamed entity that kills in the darkness.

This project was done entirely by myself using custom shaders, textures, models, and audio. Some assets such as the ambient music and trees were provided. It was an incredible learning experience and I enjoyed taking care of all aspects of the game. My favorite however was programming the game mechanics and designing the UI for the game (menu, HUD, pause screen, lose and win screens).


I wrote nearly every line of code in this project and it was a blast. I loved writing trigger events, making the enemy detect if the player was too far from a light source, the puzzle section, and every aspect of the game. I hit plenty of walls during this project but learning how to surpass the blocks and getting over each obstacle is the main draw to me for programming. I love coming up with solutions using research and creativity.



Level designing is something that I have done less in my studies, but that does not mean that I did not enjoy it during this project, it was just a bit of a challenge.

DesignUI design is new to me as well but I view it as very important. Without a good UI the player can get lost and lose interest in the game. I went to great lengths to make sure that all of the NGUI in this Unity game worked perfectly.



I am no artist, but that did not stop me from doing my best to design all of the models myself. I made the lantern, arm, shed, and enemy all using Maya. Before this I had never used Maya before but I spent a good part of my childhood messing around in 3DS Max, so I was partly familiar with the interface.

Art2 Art3 Art1


Brief Post-Mortem

What would I have done differently if I could do it again? Not much actually, I was very pleased with how this project turned out. I do wish that I had made the island smaller, the game tends to drag on a bit in the middle because of this but I tried my best to fill it with events.

Game: ROWyerBOAT

Platform: Android

Link: Google Play Store

ROWyerBoat is a simple 8-bit arcade game that features a boat trying to row out of the way of logs. It is my first attempt at a pure arcade title with high scores and twitter integration as well as my first attempt at 8-bit art and music. The game was created with Construct 2 which is an object oriented game maker that exports to HTML5 for cross-platform support.

Immediately below is a sample from ROWyerBOAT’s code and below that is the user interface of Construct 2. Editor-Example ROWYou can see that Construct 2 is a really simple drag and drop type of program that allows an indie developer such as myself to easily create a game in a quick manner, ROWyerBOAT took me approximately a week to make over the summer with the art and music taking up most of the time.Code-Example ROW

Below is a short sampling of some of the sprites that I created.

The project was exported and wrapped into an android shell using Intel XDK, which essentially takes the game from an html canvas and compiles it into an android app. Below is a picture of the interface as well as the index.html.

IntelXDK-Example ROW

The best part of creating this game did not come until after I released it. A user contacted me via reddit and told me that the games controls were very difficult for him since he had dyslexia. So, in order to make it more accessible for him I added an option to flip the controls below is the conversation that happened with him.

Reddit-Example ROW

It made me so happy to make the game experience better for that one user and any users with the same problem. It has definitely stuck out as a wonderful moment in my game developing career.

Stay tuned! I have more coming to this page!

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