Super Jump Guy


Help Jump Guy escape the digital graveyard of Depth Land in the 2.5D platformer, Super Jump Guy in Depth Land. Super Jump Guy was developed using the Unreal Development Kit as part of my Game Design II course. We were given one semester to work on our game ideas, and this is what my team produced. We were lucky to have Mike on our team, being that he was one of the only guys in the class who had any 3D modeling experience.

Super Jump Guy turned out great; we were able to create a 2 level game using custom assets (a real headache when you’re fumbling through things for the first time I might note), which has challenging platforming, a boss fight, multiple endings, and even supports both the Xbox 360 controller, and keyboard and mouse (see the controls section right there ->).

The game does have its fair share of unresolved bugs however. Jump Guy’s hands are still mapped to the much smaller default character model and thus he spends the whole game with his hands in his pockets. As a result of some of the inherited control code, Jump Guy can look up and down, which you might think is a pretty useless feature, but I think jump guy deserves it, now that he’s in a 3D world, he finally gets to enjoy tilt.



James Kelly Documentation, Unrealscript
Josh Lovatt Level Design, Kismet
Dustin Morabito User Interface, Sound
Mike Papo Animation, Art
Andrew Williams Level Design, Art


Xbox 360 Controller
Movement Left-Thumbstick, Directional-Pad
Look Right Thumbstick
Sprint Hold ‘X’
Jump ‘A’, Click left-thumbstick
Double Jump Press ‘A’ at height of first jump
Dialogue ‘Y’
Keyboard and Mouse
Movement Press ‘W’, ‘A’, ‘S’, and/or ‘D’
Look Move Mouse
Sprint Hold ‘B’
Jump Press Space Bar
Double Jump Press Space Bar at height of jump
Dialogue Press ‘Y’

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